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Luxury Modular Homes

Turn Your Rental Into a Co-Living Space

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Increase rental income by 25%+

Turn your home into purpose by providing a space that connects like-minded people to live together

Don't lift a finger, we do all the set up, management, and operation

Cancel Anytime

We are easy to work with. Easy to start, and easy to finish. We are confident in our service, we offer month to month management. You can cancel our contract anytime with 30 day notice.

Our Management Service

We screen applicants to connect the right roommates

Regulate community atmosphere including delegating and resolving and roommate conflicts. Influence positive communication and a healthy co-living environment. (tenant/roommate communication)


Maintain cleaning and any furniture repair, replacement, or amenity additions, and community supplies like paper towels, toilet paper, kitchen dish soap...etc. 

Encourage social interactions & roommate activities


We also partner with property management companies 

We design & manage any co-living space using our efficient community management system. We pair like-minded people to live together for any organization. We can manage student housing, sober living, assistant living homes, and more!

Free Property Analysis
(See how much more you can make with co-living)

We will get back to you within 48 hours

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